A Taiwanese maths teacher is teaching his lessons on Pornhub

In a display of pure ingenuity, a Taiwanese maths tutor has resorted to teaching lessons on adult video site Pornhub in an effort to reach his target market: college boys.

With the tagline “Play Hard, Study Hard”, Chang Hsu (changhsumath666) has more than 1.9 million views on his math lessons and currently ranks 685 on the platform, despite not posting a single nude video.

In the 226 videos he’s posted, Chang, fully clothed, stands in front of a green blackboard and teaches everything from hardcore equations to trignometry and algebra. Each video lasts around 40 minutes and averages around 20,000 viewers per clip.

Speaking to Taiwanese news outlet Focus Taiwan, Chang explained that he started posting the videos on Pornhub in May 2020, releasing free videos on the platform as part of a marketing strategy to do “special things in special places”. The move has been so successful, in fact, that students who spotted his free lessons on Pornhub have ended up enrolling in his paid classes. 

“The online-teaching market is highly competitive, and I can now attract 1,000 students each year, compared with an average of a few hundred for a calculus tutor,” said Chang.

“I asked myself where to find my target students, say college boys, and the answer popped out: adult video platforms,” he added.

Chang tried releasing videos on other porn platforms like XVideos, but was rejected for his non-adult content. Despite this, he claims to now earn around $268,000 a year from his online lessons held on other platforms. It seems the hustle has paid off.

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