Amsterdam phobia clinic seeks employee to vomit on command

A phobia clinic in Amsterdam has open applications for an employee who is able to vomit at will. So far, around a hundred people have showed interest in the position, according to AT5.

Kindt Clinics in Amsterdam deals with people who have anxiety, phobias or PTSD, according to its website. Its specialists treat phobias such as fear of heights, aversion to needles and claustrophobia, for example.

The clinic also helps people overcome a fear of vomiting. It has put out a call for a part-time position in which a person will vomit on command to help the clinic’s patients deal with their vomiting phobia, according to AT5. The new hire will replace a previous employee, who retired.

The new employee’s job will consist of vomiting during a session with the patient, to allow the patient to face their phobia. “There are many more [applications] than expected. Our new transmitter is certainly among them,” Kroesse said.

Psychologist Maartje Kroesse posted the call for an employee on Facebook. “I haven’t had time to look at them all and answer them yet, but there are so many [applications] that it is almost impossible to oversee,” Kroesse told AT5.

Applications shared with AT5 were enthusiastic in tone. “Now I can finally share my art: vomit on command! If the clinic is still looking for people, I would like to register here,” one person wrote

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