An Ohio Attorney Has Lost His License After Driving Naked . . . Four Times

An attorney in Ohio has had his license to practice law suspended indefinitely, after being arrested four times for driving NAKED. He also admitted he’s done it other times and not been caught.

The Ohio Supreme Court has yanked the license of an attorney named Scott Blauvelt, after being arrested FOUR TIMES for DRIVING NAKED.

Plus, about 15 years ago . . . before all those arrests . . . he was fired from his position as a city prosecutor, after he was arrested for walking through city offices naked.

He also admitted that there were other naked incidents where he wasn’t caught.

Scott’s license to practice law has been suspended indefinitely.  But if he meets certain conditions, it could be restored.

But he has more important issues to deal with. In the past, his attorneys have claimed that the incidents were brought on by a reaction to prescription meds, but he’s also spent time in treatment for compulsive sexual behavior disorders.

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