British Airways Passenger Stripped Naked, Defecated On Floor of Plane, and Smeared Faeces Into Curtains While Running at Other Passengers

A British Airways passenger reportedly stripped from their waist down, defecated on the floor of a plane and then smeared themselves in their own faeces before charging at other passengers and wiping the excrement over the carpets and curtains in the cabin.

The horrifying incident allegedly occurred while passengers were still boarding a British Airways-operated Boeing 777-300 aircraft at London Heathrow Airport on the BA75 service bound for Lagos in Nigeria on the 7th of October.

British Airways has seemingly confirmed the nauseating episode, with a spokesperson saying that the airline had apologised to passengers after the flight was delayed so that a new plane could be found while the contaminated cabin was deep cleaned.

Rumours of the sickening incident started to spread last week after a leaked copy of what appears to be the aircraft maintenance log explaining what had happened started to go viral on social media.

The logbook reads: “During boarding, passenger stripped from (the) waist down and defecated on rear galley floor. He sat in it and rubbed it into galley floor and aisle carpets.”

But if that sounds bad enough, things quickly got even worse.

“He walked in it (his own excrement) and started running up aisle… He smeared his arms from hands to elbow in faecal matter and aggressively ran at other passengers, flicking faecal matter around and up door 4, over seats as he went”.

The logbook noted that the curtains and carpets were “severely contaminated” and that a deep clean was required.

The aircraft was taken out of service and passengers endured a more than five-hour delay while another plane was found to take them to Lagos. According to data provided by Flight Radar 24, the flight landed just over five hours late.

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