Dog Poisoned by Meth While on a Walk in San Jose

What began as a simple walk for a San Jose man and his dog, turned into a rush to the emergency vet.

Loki, a 10-year-old Husky ate drugs during the walk and vets say this is something they’ve seen happening all too often. 

“He just starts taking off and I have to run with him, just running back and forth on the street for a good 10 to 15 minutes,” said the dog owner, David Espinal adding that Loki was erratic when they got home after their walk. 

Espinal took him to the a MedVet clinic nearby where vets gave Loki a drug test and discovered the dog had ingested meth.

“I didn’t think he could just rummage through the bushes and find meth,” Espinal said. 

But MedVet said it’s becoming a lot more common for dogs to either find and eat the drug itself, or a piece of drug paraphernalia. 

“Our doctors used to see a couple cases a year, maybe a handful of cases. Now we’re seeing one to two a month,” said Terra Schorpp, Hospital Director at MedVet. “In the last 48 hours, we’ve actually had two cases.”

Vets at the clinic said most of the cases they see happen when dogs walk near homeless encampments. 

If you think your dog ate drugs, they urge pet owners to get to a vet as soon as possible. 

“It’s life threatening and it can cause organ damage,” Schropp said.

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