Heavily tattooed mum banned from child’s nativity over appearance is told to watch ‘through the class window’

A mum with a full face of tattoos says she has been banned from attending her children’s nativity over her appearance, instead being told to watch “through the class window”.

Melissa Sloan, 45, claims her heavily inked appearance led teachers to refuse her a seat inside the school nativity, as well as invites to wider school events.

The self-confessed “tattoo addict” has accrued more than 800 tattoos across her face and body and admits to getting around 3 tattoos a week.

Speaking to the Daily Star, Melissa noted the lack of invites to Christmas parties and other events taking place at her children’s school.

Ms Sloan added: “They said once for me to go to the back garden”.

“The teachers told me to do that, that’s why I don’t go to the school play.”

Describing how her partner takes her place at such events, Ms Sloan says her appearance has stopped her getting jobs and going to pubs in her local area.

Ms Sloan added: “They said once for me to go to the back garden”. Picture: Facebook: Melissa Sloan

“He’s [Luke] going tonight to the kids’ fayre as I can’t go there as I’m not wanted,” said the mum-of-two.

“I feel so jealous as I can’t go there and to the Christmas fayre as I know what they’re [teachers and parents] like towards me.”

Melissa, from Powys, Wales, says her boyfriend inks many of her ‘prison style’ tattoos at home, adding that her tattoos are regularly frowned upon or judged by establishments.

“They say it’s offensive, they don’t like it – it upsets them in the posh pubs. I take no notice.”

She added: “I’ll be selfish if I have [a tattoo] around Christmas.

“It’s their [the children’s] time, it’s not about me.

“I’ll go for the glory after that, I can’t wait to get back to normal.”

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