‘I thought I saw a UFO but it was just a Bart Simpson balloon,’ says ex-NASA astronaut

NASA astronaut Scott Kelly has spent more time in space than most people, but he still managed to confuse a UFO with a balloon of one of the world’s most famous cartoon characters

A top former NASA astronaut has recalled the time he thought he had found a UFO. . . but it was actually a Bart Simpson balloon.

Retired space captain Scott Kelly went on several missions into space during his career, and event commanded the International Space Station on three occasions – including a record breaking 340 day-stint in space in 2016.

But it was during a panel discussion held at the NASA headquarters on Wednesday to talk about how the organisation plans to deal with UFOs that he divulged the one time he thought he spotted one – although NASA now calls them UAPs, or Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon.

However, this wasn’t while he was in space or on the ISS, it was while he was flying a US air force Tomcat fighter jet.

Scott Kelly once thought he saw a UFO . . . (Image: Getty Images)

He said: “I remember one time I was flying in the warning areas off of Virginia Beach military operating area and my RIO – the guy who sits in the back of the Tomcat – was convinced we flew by a UFO.

“So I didn’t see it.

“We turned around and we went to go look at it.

“It turns out it was Bart Simpson – a balloon.”

For those who know their Simpson’s history, Bart has never been into space, although he was abducted by aliens Kang and Kodos in the first ever Treehouse of Horror episode as part of a story called Hungry Art The Damned.

However, his father Homer Simpson has been to space.

In the episode Deep Space Home, which aired in February 1994, Homer was part of a NASA mission into space when the organisation wanted to send a normal human on a mission to boost its failing rocket launch ratings.

But back to reality, NASA has yet to confirm whether or not it has actually found alien life either on our planet or in outer space.

Despite going to space many times, he thought the balloon was a UFO (Image: NASA)

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