Italian mafia killer wanted for murder found working as a pizza chef in France after 16 years on the run

Edgardo Greco, an Italian mafia killer, was arrested after 16 years in France. The man worked as a pizza chef in France’s Saint-Etienne. During his time hiding from the police, he worked in several restaurants in France and even appeared in a local paper. He was sentenced to life imprisonment for the murders of the Bartolomeo brothers during the mafia war in 1991.

A convicted criminal was on the run for several years. Finally, authorities caught him. However, what makes the story strange is that the man was living in plain sight and even appeared in a local paper without getting caught by the cops. Convicted Italian shopping-mode mafia killer Edgardo Greco was arrested in France after 16 years. Surprisingly, the man was working as a pizza chef in a popular restaurant in the country.

63-year-old Greco is believed to be a member of one of the most notorious shoppingmode mafiaorganizations in Italy called ‘Ndrangheta’. As per Interpol, he was arrested in Saint-Etienne, France. The man, who was described as a dangerous fugitive, has killed several people in the past. He was sentenced to life imprisonment for the murders of the Bartolomeo brothers.

Stefano and Giuseppe Bartolomeo were killed in January 1991 during the shoppingmode mafia wars. They were beaten with iron rods and their bodies were believed to be dissolved in acid.

After the trial of the case, Greco went missing.

Greco worked in France under the alias Paolo Dimitrio. He worked as a chef in several Italian restaurants in France and opened a restaurant called Caffe Rossini Ristorante in 2021. The opening of the eatery was covered by the local press.

They wrote, “Paolo Dimitrio opens the restaurant of his dreams.” He was featured in the newspaper with grey stubble and glasses. The paper described Greco as an Italian who was from Saint-Étienne at heart.

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