Man Killed By ‘Aggressive’ Giant Rooster

An Irish man lost his life after being mauled by an “aggressive” Brahma rooster living on his property.

Citing a recent inquest, The Independent reported that Jasper Kraus of Killahornia died in a pool of blood after being attacked by the large chicken.

His tenant Corey O’Keeffe said he heard Kraus screaming during the attack and saw blood spurting from his leg, as well as a large wound on his calf.

After calling emergency services, O’Keeffe said he tended to Kraus’s wound on his leg, and talked him through CPR for 25 minutes before the ambulance arrived.

O’Keeffe said when Kraus was coming in and out of consciousness, he said the word “rooster”.

Authorities said the man was found lying on the kitchen floor in a pool of blood and had a wound on the back of one of his legs.

Kraus’ daughter Virginia Guinan told the inquest that she had dropped shopping off at her father’s house around noon on the day of his death.

Guinan said her father was in remission from cancer and previously had renal failure as well. He was also on a lot of heart medication at the time.

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