Man shot to death by hidden gun during MRI scan

A man in Brazil was accidentally shot dead after he kept a gun hidden on his body during a scan by an MRI machine.

If you’ve ever had an MRI scan, technicians typically warn patients to remove metallic objects such as jewellery, nicotine patches, hearing aids, glucose sensors, even magnetic eyelashes.

Leandro Mathias de Novaes, shot dead after he brought a gun into an MRI machine in Brazil. PHOTO BY DR. LEANDRO MATHIAS DE NOVAES /LinkedIn

Leandro Mathias de Novaes, 40, did not listen and reportedly brought a concealed weapon into diagnostic centre Laboratorio Cura in Sao Paulo last month.

The magnetic field from the machine pulled the weapon from his waistband and caused a shot to be fired, CNN Brazil reported.

Mathias was hospitalized following the incident, but died of his injuries on Feb. 6, according to the outlet.

Both the victim and his mother were “warned about the removal of any and all metallic objects” by their diagnostic team on the day of the incident, a spokesperson for Laboratorio Cura told the Telegraph.

The victim did not mention his gun and signed the forms regarding the safety protocols, according to the publication.

“We would like to emphasize that all accident prevention protocols were followed by the Cura team, as is customary in all units,” they said in a statement.

Mathias posted pro-gun content to a TikTok account of nearly 8,000 followers, according to the Telegraph, and had nearly 50,000 likes on his videos.

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