Man with nine wives creates ‘sex rota’ so none of the women feels left out

He is trying his hand in different things in order to bolster his marriage with his nine spouses and has apparently created a ‘sex rota’.

Washington: Managing multiple partners simultaneously is not a joke and it takes a lot of hard work to satisfy each and every one of them.

In a bizarre case, a man hailing from Brazil has claimed to have tied the knot with nine women and has come up with a ‘sex timetable’ so as to satisfy each of them. It certainly sounds like an uphill task!

The Brazilian man has been identified as Arthur O Urso and he is a model and influencer by profession. He is trying his hand at different things in order to bolster his marriage with his nine spouses and has apparently created a ‘sex rota’ in the hope that none of his wives feels left out.

As per media reports, Arthur confessed that he was unable to satisfy all his partners equally, a result of which, he resorted to establishing a romp “rota” initially so he could fulfil each wife’s individual needs.

“They all want to fulfil my sexuality at any cost,” New York Post quoted Arthur as saying.

However, much to his despair, the plan did not pan out the way he would have liked it and it proved to be a daunting task. Arthur finally decided to do away with the system as he found the schedule too structured and stressful.

“Following a timetable caused a lot of problems and sometimes I felt like I had to have sex because of the schedule, and not for pleasure. On other occasions I had sex with one wife while thinking about another,” Arthur said.

He finally decided to get rid of the sex rota after going through a lot of hardships.

“It (the sex schedule) didn’t seem right so we got right of it and now the sex flows naturally, it’s been great,” he added.

He also went on to reveal that his wives are perfectly fine with sharing a sex partner but added that they do get jealous when he buys one “more expensive” gift than the rest.

Meanwhile, Arthur was already married to Luana Kazaki when he became the newsmaker last year after exchanging vows with eight other women in a bid to “celebrate free love” and “protest against monogamy.”

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