Meet The Woman With The Largest Vagina Ever Recorded. (19 inch). She is also recorded to have the biggest newborn in the whole world.

Vaginas are insanely powerful muscles.

In fact, the world’s largest vagina on record successfully delivered a baby that weighed more than 23 pounds.

Anna Haining Bates (1846-1888), the owner of said world’s biggest vagina, was born in Nova Scotia.

At her tallest, Anna was 7’11 1/2 inches. At her heaviest, she weighed 419 pounds.

Anna was lucky, she found love and professional success, both thanks to her size.

Her husband Martin was 7’9, and like a petulant little Tom Cruise, reportedly did not enjoy it when Anna wore heels.

The duo toured the country making money off their prodigious size.

To my knowledge, Anna never publicly displayed her vagina for appreciation by the masses and there are no recorded measurements of her genitals. When her 23-plus pound baby was born, he did not live more than a day.

The baby’s head was measured at 19 inches in circumference. This means that Anna’s vagina dilated up to 15 cm. The average vagina taps out at 10 cm.

Anna was awarded a Guinness World Record medal for the delivery.

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