Student uses Pokemon card to enter bar, passes out after 4 beers

A student at the University of Georgia claimed that he had been using a Charizard Pokemon card to get inside bars and grab a beer while underage.

For the uninitiated, a Charizard Pokemon card is one of the most prestigious out of any of the pocket monster collectables.

Cops were called to the university after the student threw up in the hall and bedroom around 1 am on August 19.

When the officials arrived at the scene, they found the student to be unconscious. They made attempts to wake him up by shaking. When he did not wake up, the officers checked his pulse and found it to be normal, according to The Red & Black.

After shaking him again, the student awoke and seemed disoriented.

The cops asked the student how many drinks he had and whether or not he had consumed drugs. He told the cops that he had four beers but had not taken any drugs.

When he was asked if he had taken any medication, the student said that he had taken melatonin. He added that he had used a “Pokemon Charizard” card to get into the bar.

Soon, emergency medical services arrived to check on the student but he declined transport to the hospital.

Medical amnesty was also granted as a result of concerns over the student’s well-being and a call for medical assistance.

No charges have been made.

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