There’s a proven link between small penis size and sports cars, scientists claim

There’s an established link between wanting to own a sports car and having a small penis, according to British scientists.

In a recently study titled “Small Penises and Fast Cars: Evidence for a Psychological Link,” a team from the Department of Experimental Psychology at the University College London says they surveyed 200 men ages 18 to 74.

The study aimed to investigate if there was “any truth to the cliche that a man driving an expensive sports car is compensating for his male inadequacy,” according to the team. Apparently, there was.

We made male participants believe that they had a relatively small or large penis by giving them false information about the average size of other men. They then rated sports cars as more desirable if they felt they had a small penis,” the study said.

Other trials in the experiment manipulated self-esteem in different ways and measured ratings for other luxury products, but found no connection,” the study added. “As men aged past 29, the effect of penis size on desire for sports cars grew stronger.”

Some of the study participants were told the average penis size was seven inches, and others were told it was four inches. The average penis size is actually closer to five-and-a-half inches, according to the National Library of Medicine.

Participants who were told the average penis size was seven inches, and therefore misled, were then more likely to say they desired a sports car, according to the study.

We found that males, and males over 30 in particular, rated sports cars as more desirable when they were made to feel that they had a small penis,” the scientists said.

The study apparently attempted to manipulate participants’ self-esteem in other ways, such as misleading the men with false stats about personal finance and body health, but only those misled about penis size showed any sort of change. Every other factor presented by the study did not increase participants’ desire to own a sports car.

While the scientists say they believe their findings will help enhance humor surrounding the already perceived connection between small penises and sports cars, they say they also believe that the luxury “automotive industry may be unwilling to acknowledge this link.”

Perhaps there is just something specific linking cars and penises in the male psyche,” the study concluded. “That hypothesis is supported by the data in this paper, and would explain the existence of the phallic car trope in everyday jokes, advertisements and academic discourse.”

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