This 83-year-old dad has just given birth to a son by his 35-year-old wife

Alberto Cormilo, 83, has just given birth to a son, Emilio, by his 35-year-old wife, Estefania Pasquini, after the couple took advantage of infertility treatment.

The doctor, who is the father of the 83-year-old boy, says he lives every day knowing he won’t see his son grow up.

The 83-year-old does what he can to give the tot as many memories as possible.

Nutrition expert Alberto Cormilo says he is doing his best to give the baby as many memories as possible.

His wife, 35-year-old Estefania Pasquini, became pregnant with the baby after infertility treatment. The sun reported.

Despite Dr. Cormilo’s age, he says he is actively involved in the upbringing of his son Emilio.

He said: “I realize that life is not endless. This little guy is here and I’m going to accompany him until a certain point.

“Until that happens, I plan to enjoy each day to the fullest and build plans that are more short-term, which means I enjoy each day to the fullest.”

He tries to make their time together as enjoyable as possible to leave his son memories that he can keep for a lifetime.

Reflecting on the future, Dr. Cormilo constantly leaves audio messages to his son to learn about the future.

He said: “This means that although he is still really a child, he has a WhatsApp phone number to which I record audio and send him videos.

“I don’t dramatize things too much, I just write down the reality of life.”

He already has two adult sons, Rene and Adrian, and three granddaughters. His first wife Monica Arborgast died in 2017.

Dr. Cormilo, who lives in Argentina, was diagnosed with colon cancer in 2012, but all traces of the tumor were removed surgically.

The couple told how they hired a private Chinese teacher for their son, who is now nine months old.

They started planning the baby’s future as soon as they found out the baby was on the way.

Dr. Cormilo said he wanted his son to learn Chinese because it is the “language of the future”.

In addition to learning Chinese, he also teaches a newborn to play the organ and has posted a video in which he is with a young man at the keyboard.

He added that he was constantly thinking about how best to prepare his son for the future while he was still around.

“I encourage him, for example, to crawl,” Dr. Cormilo said.

He said that since childhood he loved to teach the boy songs, as always planned, how to spend time together.

Speaking about the boy’s Chinese teacher, he said: “Emilio has a man who talks to him twice a week, sings and plays for him in Chinese.

“Because it’s the language of the future, I want him to get used to hearing it as a child, and it will be easier for him to learn it when he grows up.”

He said a female educator comes home and speaks Chinese so he gets used to the sound of the language.

“I don’t know if he will speak Chinese in the future, but at least we can turn it on,” he added.

Dr. Cormilo has written more than a hundred scientific papers presented at international conferences and journals, and has written more than 50 books, mostly on health education.

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