VLADIMIR Putin has said it would be “disgusting” to see Western leaders like Boris Johnson naked – after the PM mocked the Russian leader for his topless horse riding displays.

The 69-year-old dictator hit back after Boris Johnson and Canada’s Justin Trudeau poked fun at Mad Vlad as world leaders gathered in Germany for the G7.

The Kremlin tyrant was the butt of jokes for his bizarre photo ops shooting bears and riding topless.

At the start of talks between the leaders of the industrial powers, Mr Johnson declared “we have to show that we’re tougher than Putin” as he took off his jacket.

And the Canadian PM quipped back suggesting they go for a “bare chested horseback ride”, with Mr Johnson adding “show our pecs”.

But Putin lashed out at the swipe from the Western leaders, saying it would be a “disgusting sight” to see them without their clothes.

He said: “I don’t know exactly how far they wanted to get undressed, above or below the waist.

“But I think, either way, it would be a disgusting sight.”

Putin claimed, unlike him, Western leaders drank too much alcohol and didn’t do enough exercise.

Speaking to reporters at a summit in Tajikistan, he said: “One must have both a body and a spirit harmoniously developed.

Russian-state controlled TV channel Zvezda shared Putin’s comments with the caption: “DISGUSTING NAKED OLD MEN.”

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