Wild elephant tramples woman to death in India, turns up at funeral stamps on corpse

A wild elephant in India who trampled a woman to death came to her funeral to trample on the woman’s corpse again.

Maya Murmu was attacked and killed by the elephant whilst she was collecting water in the district of Mayurbhanj.

The woman was rushed to hospital but her injuries were too severe and she was placed on a funeral pyre the same evening, Telegraph UK reported.

A wild elephant trampled to death and turned up at her funeral to stomp on her again. Photo credit: Getty Images

On Saturday (local time) the wild elephant turned up at the woman’s funeral, where it took the 70-year-old’s body off the pyre before stomping on it again and throwing the corpse away.

The Telegraph UK reported that Murmu’s family members fled the service and returned several hours later to continue with the service.

The elephant that attacked Murmu had strayed from the Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary.

The conflict between humans and elephants has been on the rise in India as deforestation has pushed the animals out of their protected areas to find food.

According to India’s Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate 1,401 humans have been killed from 2018 to 2020 and 301 elephants have been killed as a result of the ongoing conflicts.

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